Observation of the Grammys 2017 (as a Japanese artist)

It’s every artists’ s dream to win the Grammy. Of course, it’s one of my aspirations as well; to win in the Best Contemporary Urban World Music written in two or more languages category, or something like that (I always like to scroll down to see the really niche categories).

In Japan, not many artists aspire to the Grammys. The popular dreams they have are to play at Budokan(a prestigious venue), or to perform in Kohaku (Annual music TV show on New Year’s Eve). For those Japanese artists who actually do aspire to the Grammys, what drives the aspiration is to be the pioneer—Japanese are such minorities when it comes to being successful outside Japan. (Which leads to the whole story of me and my husband moving to the U.K to pursue exactly that) To set the records straight, there ARE Japanese artists that have won the Grammys in the past, but not as a singer-songwriter. This year, pianist Mitsuko Uchida won as an accompanist, and producer StarRo and Ryuichi Sakamoto(for his Revenant soundtrack)were nominated.


Putting that successful-Japanese-artists-are-a-minority issue(NOT political)aside, this is what I thought about this year’s Grammys. I’m no music journalist, just someone in front of a TV watching the show in Surrey blogging her mind;

Adele’s voice. Listening to her performance, I almost forget how the song went,or even the how the pitch was,  all I’m left with is this richness of voice melting in my ears. It’s like how when you meet a truly attractive person(male or female), you don’t even remember what they were wearing, just overwhelmed by their presence and personality.



The past few decades, especially the 70’s and the 80’s have left so much innovative music to be remixed in this generation. So rich that even in 2017, nearly all of the songs you hear on the show are recycled essence of those eras; Michael Jackson’s daughter presenting the Weekend, Daft Punk,  Katy Perry with Bob Marley’s son, Bruno Mars…all of them are brilliant artists, but all I heard was reminiscence, nothing innovative at all.

That’s why I get so inspired when I hear a great voice; a voice is timeless, regardless of any generation or era. Adele, Beyoncé, rappers like ATCQ and Chance the Rapper, I love the raw energy of his voice purely praising the Lord. It’s everything singing stands for.



In a time when music styles are being over-remixed, maybe now is a time to get raw. To tell the story of your own, in a one and only voice, as simple as that.

I went through so many phases in terms of music style, even in just a year of moving to the U.K. But now I’m settling down to simply writing autobiographical songs, from a unique angle, with production that most compliments my voice. I don’t have a diva voice like Adele or Beyoncé, but I’m grateful for my own voice that God gave me, and am determined to make the most of the gift.

音楽のスタイルやジャンルが使い古されている今の時代だからこそ、原点に戻るべきなのかもしれない。自分のストーリーを、自分の声で伝える。誰にも真似できないもの。 イギリスに来てからのたった一年でもたくさんの音楽的スタイルを模索して来たが、今その原点をやっと見つけられた気がする。アデルやビヨンセのようなdiva声はないけれど、持っている声は他の誰にも真似できない。その神様からの贈り物を、最大限に生かすのみだ。



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