Two Cities

(English follows)





Tokyo and London are the two cities that define who I am. When I stand on the Shibuya crossing, where I used to pass by everyday as a student at a nearby school, I feel a sense of reminiscence. When I see the warm orange light of Big Ben in the evening, I feel a sense of comfort, the same feeling I got when I was an art student, living on my own for the first time at 18. The neon, trains, convenience stores, vending machines of Tokyo all remind me of a futuristic movie set. The further you go, the better perspective you get with refreshing viewpoint. That’s how Japan becomes more and more attractive for me over the years of living abroad.

Those thoughts lead to an idea of making a music video of these two incredible cities.



It wasn’t easy to make a video transition from one city to another. Luckily, I found an amazing production team that agreed to support this project, who traveled all the way to the UK, walking endlessly around London to capture a local spot so that the video wouldn’t look like a tourist movie. Then it was my turn to go back to Japan and do the same.

As much as I want to present myself as an artist outside Japan, I also want to introduce many wonderful talents of Japan along with my music. In that sense, I feel truly pleased to have worked with this talented production team.


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