New single “St.Martin”

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もともとこの楽曲のアレンジは石崎光氏の繊細で洗練されたアレンジだったので、シングル版をアレンジしてくれることになったロンドンの若手バンド、Theme Parkポップなサウンドで、丁寧に描かれた油彩画がグラフィカルなポスターになってしまうのでは?と心配だったが、曲の大元の要素を上手く保ちつつリミックスしてもらえた。そしてバーニーグランドマン東京の山崎翼さんのマスタリングで、音の立体感が華やかにパワーアップした。

ミュージックビデオもまさに日英のミックスで、2つの街を自由自在に行き来する美しい映像。実際は弾丸撮影だったが、Keyaki Worksさんの素晴らしいチームワークとセンス、日本人ならではの丁寧な作業で、イギリスで誇れる作品が完成した。


Upon my first single release in the UK, I was so thrilled to read this article.

All the struggles and trials in the past year were worth it just for this day, especially after the challenges I went through with sound production. One of the first comments I have had for the original track of St.Martin, elaborately crafted by producer in Japan, Hikaru Ishizaki, was that they are exotic and interesting, but they don’t know where to place it; genre, tastes, demographics…there were many elements to consider. Though the core element that I had to stay true to above anything was my own originality and unique voice. When it came to creating the single version with the eclectic band Theme Park, my anxiousness was soon swept away by their amazing remix, which was the hybrid of the original essence and a breath of fresh air. For the finishing touches, Tsubasa Yamazaki(Bernie Grandma Mastering Tokyo) added vibrant dimensions to the sound.

The music video was also a collaboration between UK and Japan, working with Keyaki Works, who were so efficient and skilled, traveled all the way to London and then back again, shooting everywhere ambitiously. Owing to their contribution, the finished music video is a brilliant seamless sonic trip between London/Tokyo.

This is only the beginning—now I can’t stop running.



Listen to the new single, St.Martin here→→



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