The Great Escape

English follows)

毎年イギリス南部海沿いの町ブライトンにて、町中のライブハウスが会場となり若手アーティストの登竜門的なフェスが行われている。その名もThe Great Escape。アメリカで言えばSXSW、シンガポールではカンファレンスが中心のMusic Matters。日本だとライブ中心型の大阪のミナミホイールが同じように毎年若手バンドを送り出している。



A lovely weekend out in Brighton to check out the Great Escape.

To be honest, it was much more laid back than I thought. Having been to numerous music networking events and having had the experience of encountering different kinds of people including some dodgy ones,  I thought it would be a bunch of superficial showbizz people hanging around; it was rather a collection of people who looked like they haven’t washed their hair for a week, stoned and drunk from 10am. No offense, all in a good-vibe way.

A big difference I felt in comparison to what I had seen in the Japanese music market was that the majority of the younger team were quite independently driven, while back home, they were pretty much working under their bosses. It was great to get reassurance that the indie music scene here is down to earth and the music remains pure to the artistry.

I had a few artists I wanted to check out, but after walking 30 minutes to the venues and queuing outside in the cold, the temptation of the jacuzzi at the boutique hotel that I had booked won over. Instead, I selected some favourite artists from the festival lineup;

ライブはいくつか目星をつけていたのだが、一人目のお目当アーティスト、キュートなラッパーLittle Simzの会場まで寒い中かなり歩いたため疲れてしまい、一軒目にてリタイアというオバサンぶり。。とはいえ若手アーティストをたくさん事前にチェックしていたので、気になったアーティストを紹介。







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