Ep songs live at Red Bull Sessions

Check out the live performances of my two songs,

St.Martin(from Business Trips EP) and Levels(new song) with Red Bull live sessions

This was my very first live performance since the EP release. I’ve missed playing live so much, so this was such a great opportunity. If songwriting is writing a story, live is the ver act of storytelling, there’s nothing more liberating than this!

Initially, I was rehearsing with the amazing producer Cassel the Beatmaker on the sampler, then we felt we needed bass…Chris (bassist) was kind enough to participate at a few days’ notice. It was a pleasure to play with both of them, as well as the efficient filming crew.

You can watch the live performance and read the article here.

先日、ロンドンのとあるスタジオでレッドブルによるライブセッションの収録があった。演奏した曲は、6月にリリースしたミニアルバム、Business Trips EPからSt.Martinと、新曲のLevels.




I’m psyched to be on the same page as my recent girl-crush Noga Erez!




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