New album “PLACES”

Recently Iʼve become very spiritual, but “logically”spiritual; everything has a cause and effect, and the best healer is yourself. What you eat makes your body, exercise habits affect your muscles, sleeping habits affect your energy levels, and every word you say or write affects your mind and the behavioral patterns, affecting the world around you and the people surrounding you. It’s basically a ripple-effect, and similarly, lifestyle has a lot to do with music style. Itʼs a very obvious that we easily forget, and I feel like for the first time since Iʼve started songwriting, Iʼve become aware of this.

For the past three years, Iʼve tried electronic-leaning songs, because I thought that was the “current”style. Iʼve worked with brilliant producers and released 2 Eps and 2 singles, which has been amazing. But I realized my lifestyle is not electronic at all; I live in a beautiful countryside listening to birdsongs every morning, smelling the fresh air – the air, I forgot to mention, is another important element like food and sleep. Growing up in Tokyo and living in London during University, this is the first time I really appreciate the clear air and the subtle changes after it rains or when it’s the beginning of spring. I donʼt spend my weekends at clubs or take chemical drugs. I mean, your brain has to be in tune with a certain style of music whether its chemically induced or not. What I meant to say is, that this album IS my lifestyle. Organic and in tune with nature, with a hint of irony for the British rituals seen from a visitorʼs perspective. Emancipation and seclusion, connection and isolation, conformity and idiosyncrasy…a mirrored image of the everyday-British-life. Thereʼs even a song about my husbandʼs daily commute on the M25 (which, of course sounds very frustrated). This is the most true-to-life album Iʼve ever made, without being conscious about the business side of it all…purely for the music. No artificial flavoring or MSG.

I will explain each song;

Ripples – Wider than the ripples of love. This song represents the idea of everything having a cause, and the effect spreading even wider than you think. The core of the ripple-effect should be love, above anything.

Iceland – The funny thing is that I wrote this when I was living in Singapore, thinking of a less-humid location. Such a simple song, but I re-arranged this a dozen times, because it’s easy to over-work a simple song. I got it just right this time, with some multi-lingual section; when I was studying translation at UCL, I asked other students to say “My voice” in their own languages and recorded their voices. There are 10 different languages in this song, and I tried speaking the Icelandic with the help of Google translate.

On Track – “We donʼt know where to place you” was what I had been told over and over ever since I came to the UK, and this song is the counter-attack,“so Iʼll lay down my own track”. Also a song about my commute from Surrey into London, a double-meaning metaphor to the “track” as in “song”.

Soldiers – Talk about counter attacks, this is a fight song, but the type to gently prevail without making a bloody mess. Quiet and a poised soldier, with a strength of an army.

Seasons – I recorded the intro birdsong at 4am, when their chorus is at its peak. Thereʼs also rain, branches as snare and the leaves as hi-hat sounds, collecting audio from the surrounding nature. Thereʼs also sadness and joy, the beautiful cycle of earthʼs creations.

Mirror – the contrasting elements seen from the eyes of a foreigner is reflected in this song. What I see is, once again, the scenes of the nature; “dandelion seed that floats against the green”. I love the dynamic uplift of the chorus, definitely the highlight of this album.

London-based Japanese artist Akio has made such a strong music video for this song that could potentially speak to every one who has called out to loved ones who are no longer with them. Hence the message is that if you reach out, you can see and hear the reflection of the spiritual energy (of loved ones) in everything, and in every moment.
What I like about the video is that despite the sad topic, it leaves you with a positive feeling, as the scenes change from the cloudy indoor to the colorful balloons outside, with subtle changes in the girl’s expression.

Again – The song about commuting on M25. I wonder how many other songs are about this specific topic? All the sarcasm and irony of the British life is summarized in this track.

The City – A comparison between the urban and the suburban life. Growing up in Tokyo, living in the countryside has been an eye-opening experience. The vibrations of the city, and the tranquility of nature; this whole album attempts to pursue the balance between the two lifestyles.

Pulse – I started making this song from the sound of the dishwasher. When all the pots and pans are in the right place, the water inside creates a certain rhythm, and the humming resonates the rhythm. A new genre, dishwasher trance.

Places – One of the dreams I had was to record at Realworld Studios. It came true thanks to this song, it literally took me to places, all around Asia and Europe, and to Realworld, where I got to play on Peter Gabrielʼs tour piano for this recording. Before going to Realworld, I tried re-recording a dozen  times, but never got it right. Iʼve never taken this long to get to a take that Iʼm happy with, but it was certainly worth the journey.


New album “Places” is available here 



Written by Rie fu

I see the mirror reflecting me

On the vast open sky over continent, sea

May these bones and blood make me stronger

I see the mirror reflecting me

On the dandelion seeds that floats against the green

They come and go so grow and prosper

You are a proud one, rooting for the underdogs

Never lost a war against the richest and the poor

I see you reflecting me

I see you reflecting me

I see you reflecting me

I see you reflecting me

I see the mirror reflecting me

On the vast open sky over continent, sea

Continent and sea

I see you reflecting me

I see you reflecting me

I see you reflecting me

I see you reflecting me







あなたは誇り高い 弱者を応援する















Written by Rie fu

You know, what they say is not true

That after love, it’s all through

Love is not the ending to a story told

It’s only the beginning, we’ve got a long way to go

Everyday I’ll write about it while they’re sleeping

Hoping I could pick out the missing pieces

It’ll be so easy to see the big picture

But instead it leads to a million questions

Everything you see is only on the surface

Sending out the signals in all directions

It’ll be so easy to dive in deeper

There’s more to love than your own reflection

Wider than the ripples

Wider than the ripples

Wider than the ripples of love

Tide is high but I can swim forever

Let your body go and push on forward

It’ll be so easy to spread out wide

But instead they only stack it up high

Wider than the ripples

Wider than the ripples

Wider than the ripples of love


リップルズ (波紋)

作詞作曲・Rie fu















満ち潮の中 永遠に泳げる



















その1 ラジオ プロモーター





その2 イベンター




その3 プロモーション、マネジメント






Japan Tour 2018

Japan Tour 2018



After 2 weeks in Japan, I’m on my way back to the UK, writing this at the airport lounge.

Looking back, when I first made my major label debut, I was commuting between Japan and the UK like this. Since then, time has changed and the world has become a smaller place thanks to the internet, yet the cultural  distance seems to grow more and more apart in the case of Japan and the UK. In a city constantly being rebuilt and renovated, Tokyo still runs according to the same conservative mindset and social expectations. Where the landmarks and houses have aged for more than a hundred years, the social, political, and environmental mindset of London keeps on renewing its standards constantly. After spending a while in Japan, you start taking the social punctuality for granted, almost to the point that it feels dull and mundane. But when you come back to the UK, where the standards of train times and services are very different, you appreciate the diligence that keeps life in japan running like clockwork. My point here is that the grass is always greener on the other side. I’m no diplomat or a cultural mediator; all I can do is to utilize and optimize this environment. For example, when I was promoting my single in Japan, most of the questions asked in interviews were about The culture, music, life in the UK. On the other hand, part of my usp in the UK is the identity as a Japanese. Having these two elements in itself is a unique identity as an artist.




言語の違いを超えて、そんな文化の違いを常に俯瞰して観て行くことが、今後の活動の指針になるということを、今回のツアーで実感した。それは、大切なファンのみなさんが、Rie fuの曲だけではなく、私自身の人生の変化や成長を見守って下さっていることに、気付いたからだ。





New track “Benevolent Creature”

A new track has been released, titled “Benevolent Creature”.

The “creatures” in this song are both yourself and the problems you face in life; depression, addiction, bad relationships, or any issues you encounter every day. After all, they all start out as individually “benevolent”, but the problem starts when you try to push away and fight each other. That’s why I want to suggest to “take it by the hand, don’t look away”. Talk to those creatures, shake hands with them. This may not be the absolute solution to all problems, but at least a decent place to start.
Lyrics are as below↓

新曲「Benevolent Creature」をリリースした。UK版のRié名義の新曲。


Benevolent Creature

Written by Rié
Oh you’re a benevolent creature
I know it eats you up and lets you down and takes you all around
Oh you’re a benevolent creature
I know it kicks you back and drags you on and drives you out of bounds

Let it go, moving on together
Rolling on, louder, louder

I know it eats you up and lets you down and takes you all around
I know it kicks you back and drags you on and drives you out of bounds
Take it by the hand, don’t look away

Oh you’re a benevolent creature
You don’t need to play it down and keep it up enslaved by the crowd
Oh you’re a benevolent creature
You don’t need to hold it back, pretend it’s fine when you want to scream out loud

ああ 善なる生き物よ
それはあなたを食い尽くし 落ち込ませ 連れ回すだろう
ああ 善なる生き物よ
それはあなたを蹴り倒し 引きずり 限界を超えさせるだろう

忘れなさい 次の道へ
駆け回るのだ もっと大きな声を出して

それはあなたを食い尽くし 落ち込ませ 連れ回すだろう
それはあなたを蹴り倒し 引きずり 限界を超えさせるだろう
その手を取って 目をそらさないで

ああ 善なる生き物よ
観衆に媚びるために 自ら卑下する必要はない
ああ 善なる生き物よ
本当は叫びたいのに 大丈夫なフリをして 我慢することはない

忘れなさい 次の道へ
駆け回るのだ もっと大きな声を出して

First show in London

セットリストはイギリスでリリースしたEPの中から、St.Martin, Calling, Business Trips, Levels, Save Youの5曲。

Very belated notes about my first gig in London in the beginning of this month. I used to gig around London with just my guitar before, but this was my first time to play with a band, and also first performance since I started to team up with a management in the UK. The venue, the Islington, was a nice cozy cafe, and I had many memories in Angel because I used to live there 10 years ago. I loved the area; close enough to both central London and the East End. Setlist was 5 songs from the released EP: St.Martin, Calling, Business Trips, Levels, Save You.

Though it was a small venue I got very nervous at first, but the audience gave me a welcoming support. I had my mind set on focussing on one thing other than the performance, which was to deliver a ‘relatable’ impression. A Japanese playing in a British pub might seem a bit exotic, so I wanted to bridge that foreign vibe. I wore vintage kimonos sewed with a denim jacket…kind of a hybrid mix of East meets West garment. Another thing was to talk about British comedy, because humor is the best way of feeling culturally connected.

Getting the nerves is always a challenge, but there’s nothing more rewarding than having the opportunity to grow through your experience. Most importantly, having a sincere attitude towards music and performance is what adds original colors to these live shows. I was truly grateful for the sincere audience, for their warm support on my debut show.

Learning to Drive



(翻訳メモリ(TM)とは、自分または他人が過去に行った翻訳をTMと呼ばれるデータベースに登録しておきリサイクルするツールである。TM には原文と訳文のペアが大量に蓄積されており、翻訳者はWordもしくはエディタなどで翻訳中に翻訳済みの文をTM に登録する操作と、TMを参照してリサイクルできる訳文を探す操作を交互に繰り返す。)





  • 同言語間の訳(子供向けに簡単な言葉にするなど)
  • 翻訳者の意思をどのぐらい反映するか
  • 文化の違いでどうしても訳せない言葉の対処法
  • 文章に隠された権力の差をどう再現するか
  • しまいにはわざと『翻訳された文章』のように見せかけて本当はオリジナルの文章、というジャンルの専門分野もあるぐらいだ。



  • 翻訳・通訳は実際に訳す作業が大事だと思っていたが、その前に大きな全体像を見ることが必要
  • バイリンガルの人はみんなできると思われがちだが、それは車を買ったら誰でも運転できるという発想と同じようなものかもしれない。路上に出る前に道路標識やルール、シチュエーションごとの対処法を学ぶことが必要。
  • そして何より、美しい日本語をもっと身につけたいと思った。
  • それは、英語が『内容の意味』重視なのに対して、日本語は同じことでも口調や文法の置き換え方によって捉え方が大きく変わってくるからだ。



New EP “Levels”

本日、Rié名義での2nd EP “Levels” がリリースになった。


My second EP, “Levels” has been released today!

About the tracks in the 2nd EP:


A song lyric could be prophetic, surely in this track as “I had been waiting a long long time”—two years—to release it. The song was co-written with an Ivor Novello award winner songwriter/producer Cassel the Beatmaker (who has worked with Plan B, The Streets, Akala, etc) in 2015, when I was just visiting London and was finding my way into getting my music career started here. Those few weeks changed my life, which led me to our decision to move to the UK. The song represents those levels of commitment, time and effort, as well as patience.


The rap part was created spontaneously at the studio by the talented studio assistant/artist Deacon, and the middle8 was co-written by another talented bassist Chris Webb. I was also amazed by the levels of potential and growth of a song through collaboration.


The music video was also very special, as I worked with an amazing athlete Sarah Piercy, winner of the London Marathon women’s wheelchair competition, who has gone through significant levels of challenges and obstacles but has proven her strength through incredible achievements.



We live in a world full of secrets and lies, and it seems that those deceiving tendencies have become more prevalent in these recent years through media, politics, and especially the internet. The old science fiction/future fantasy films are not far-off from what we see today, and I started getting into classic films like Metropolis, 1984, Brazil-type of imagery and concept. As I dug deeper into the video archives, I found a propaganda footage during World War2— ironic that we are still repeating the same thing, the media itself embodying and functioning as a demagogue.


So whether it’s a political conspiracy or a little affair, human behavior has been coexisting with Secrets throughout history. But the biggest secret is that people often believe what they want to see, not necessarily the truth. I wanted to expose that in this song.

Save You

The song is about finding a soulmate—I know, sounds cheesy, but for me it was everything but what I had imagined or expected; nothing was straightforward. I realized that we are not attracted to each other’s strengths but our weaknesses, and the reason for two people to be together is to simply save each other. That’s why the other has everything you don’t have, and you have what the other had been missing. When you find a soulmate, you feel rescued and saved. But just because you are saved, it doesn’t mean you are safe. It’s only the beginning of the endeavors to face what the future brings—“holding on to each other, we”ll go through it all together” —hence this song is not a love song, but a fight song.


The End of the Peter Pan Syndrome


(English follows)




















Michael Jackson was one, and at the end of the day, aren’t all artists Peter Pans?

Let’s review the term. According to Wikipedia, Peter Pan syndrome is the pop-psychology concept of an adult who is socially immature. In a book by Psychologist Dan Kiley, The Wendy Dilemma (1984), he advises women romantically involved with “Peter Pans” how to improve their relationships. I wish I had this book when I was hearing stories from my tormented friends who were dating musicians.

But to be honest, I’ve always felt somewhat socially inadequate calling myself an artist. Although I’m more than grateful to have been able to continue this since I was a teenager, I can’t help but to think that unless you are successful enough to make a real-life Neverland (like Micheal Jackson), this certain insecurity seems to grow as you get older. In fact, wasn’t that insecurity the very thing that made him build Neverland?

Being a child at heart is a wonderful thing, as long as you share and respect others. In that regards, artists are the advocates of such playfulness. But Neverland is a troublesome, dangerous place. that’s why the pixie dust is the key to connect to the outside world; thus, artists may aspire to be Tinker-Bells rather than Peter Pans.